Join me as I explore the towns and villages of the Metro East Area, in Southern Illinois! I live in the village of Swansea, founded in 1886 with a population: 13,430.  It’s a wonderful place to raise a family and make life long friends. The neighboring town of Belleville, IL, founded in 1850 is much larger at 44,478.  It’s a busy place full of history and yearly events. Both have a sense of community and a helping hand isn’t far if you need it.

Going “out on the town” is always fun, but as a gardener and cook, I enjoy being home on my little piece of paradise called “Goose Grove”.   My dear husband came up with the name Goose Grove:  “Goose”  reflecting the many geese that rest here between their journey from Canada to the southern states.  “Grove” for the  small meadow orchard of fruit trees we planted in our side yard.  I am a Master Gardener and avid photographer. We love gardening, cooking, and home projects.  Organizing events in our community give us a sense of purpose and joy bringing others together.

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