Aya Sofia

Our neighbors, Tom & Judy,  took us here, as it was one of their favorite restaurants. It has become one of our favorites as well! Flavors of Turkey, Lebanon & Mediterranean, the best St. Louis has to offer!


The platters are generous and everything has a wonderful flavor. The meat platter was easily shared between 4 guests.


Nothing bland here! Lots of herbs, spices and fresh vegetables.

The main entrees don’t disappoint either. Our favorite place for seafood, or spicy dumplings! We found ourselves in each other’s plates sampling the many different textures and tastes. And if you end up bringing some of it home, it warms up well for a lunch your co-workers will envy.

I would love to go here monthly! They have yet to disappoint us. Happy Hour is worth swinging by! Swordfish and stuffed grape leaves are not to be missed!

LINK: https://www.ayasofiacuisine.com/#about-us

Oh, and across the street is the world famous “Ted Drewes” frozen custard. YES- they won “Best Ice Cream in the World” competing against countries from all over the world in 2016.  So save room after Aya Sofia to check out the incredible custard!

LINK: http://teddrewes.com/


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